Travel to New Zealand

Top Reasons to Travel to New Zealand

Are you planning your next trip or vacation? If so you should definitely consider the option to Travel to New Zealand. While more people are familiar with its larger neighbor Australia NZ is also a great place to visit and here are some of the main reasons:

Kiwi Hospitality

The local people are known as Kiwis. They’re very friendly towards visitors. There’s also a big range of different cultures represented in the country. The country is a former British colony and the influence of European settlers is strong in the country. There’s also a unique accent used in the country.

Outdoor Adventures

If you’re a fan of outdoor activities you should visit New Zealand. The options include:

• Caving
• Horseback-riding
• Kayaking
• Parachuting
• Sailing
• Skiing
• Snowboarding
• Surfing
• Swimming

Not only that but you can enjoy all the activities with a radius of 100 miles. There’s more. It’s even possible to enjoy all of these activities in one day if you want to do that. Another interesting activity you should consider trying is bungee jumping. The activity was made popular in part due to the jumps made in the country.

Natural Wonders

If you’re looking for natural scenery that’s diverse and unspoiled you should consider New Zealand. It consists of 2 main islands and hundreds of smaller ones. NZ has a wide range of amazing scenery including beaches, forests, islands, mountains, lakes, and even glaciers. In the south there’s also big flat plains. You can also find volcanoes, pastures, hot springs, and fiords.

If you’re looking for natural scenery there’s something for everyone in New Zealand. It’s just a matter of planning your trip so you can experience all the natural wonders the country has to offer.

Easy Travel

It’s very easy to easy to travel throughout New Zealand. All you have to do is jump in a car or campervan (RV) if you want to enjoy a NZ adventure. The country includes an incredible road network and each town has an information center. These can provide directions/advice about local attractions. Another plus is fuel is also cheaper in NZ than in Europe. The towns/attractions are close together and the country includes a good bus network.

Diverse Wildlife

You can also find diverse and unique wildlife in New Zealand. New Zealand split from the big land mass that connected it with Australia and Antarctica around 85 million years ago. A result is you can’ find the bird and plant species found there anywhere else in the world. The forests contain many interesting types of plants including ancient trees and small palms.

One of the most interesting types of wildlife found in NZ is the kiwi. It’s a small flightless bird that’s the national symbol of the country. The bird is around the size of a chicken and the smallest member of its bird family that also includes ostriches, rheas, and others. The kiwi is also interesting in that it lays the world’s largest egg in relation to its size.