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You can see whales from some vantage points as soon as you get out of the car. Check your map for wind direction and set out in a back-to-the-wind direction. Count on at least an hour of walking with steady four to seven-mile-per-hour winds to find this vantage point. The whale watching season varies by geographic location. In the United States, the most popular whale-watching spot is Point Reyes National Seashore in California. Here, it’s common to see larger marine mammals like common minke whales and humpback whales.

They sometimes get stuck within the Santa Barbara Channel as they travel north to Alaska. Whale watching season is a wonderful mix of opportunity and patience, as whales make their annual migration. You’ll start hearing rumors in March or April about where to go (bon voyage notes from retired local tour guides are most helpful!), but the waiting doesn’t end there. Season’s prime runs from June to October and catches plenty of blue-blooded killer whales.

Planning Your Weekend Getaway To Hervey Bay

Every summer, many whale watching trips are available to the public. These usually occur at various times during the year, but they all depend on the location of whales. Many places have tours that leave from the shore, but other sites require longer boat rides to get there. Some boats may even accommodate larger groups and special accommodations if needed. This year we saw several such sights so you may want to buy your tickets now!

People can enjoy watching whales from coastal towns, on campsites, or cruises. Some spots for whale watching that are great for beginners include Sydney and the Sunshine Coast in Australia; Point Dume in Malibu, California; and Kaikoura in New Zealand. The further you go to be able to see them the better the opportunity is that you will find a more interesting whale species in the ocean. Whale watching season is generally during the spring and summer months because those are when they come near to shore to feed their babies.

You will usually have to go on a boat or head to the coast to watch a whale. If you are in the water, try not to get anywhere near it and be careful about being too close because it may harm you. Instead, wait for the whales to come close to land and try kneeling to get eye level with them. One of the many ways to summer in Maui is to sign up for a whale watching tour. Whale watching is a great activity that allows you to do more without actually paddling a kayak.

Instead, you will board a comfortable and air-conditioned boat for 40 minutes to an hour. You can enjoy an unobstructed view as the captain motors around on this beautiful blue ocean looking for whales. Whales surfacing from the depths just miles from your location is truly a magnificent experience!

Many whale watchers will access the internet to find out when a whale is migrating by looking up certain patterns. Lastly, World Whale Day is celebrated every first Saturday in November and features an effort to increase awareness of these magnificent creatures. These animals are fascinating because they live out in the open ocean and their range is so vast.

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